Alfred Workflow for Creating a Data Analysis Project

January 25, 2014   

This idea I got from my brother – the idea is to keep any data analysis/bioinformatic projects I work on organized by sticking to a standard template. I wrote an Alfred Workflow for generating the template. There are a couple key features:

Directory Structure

Directory Structure

  • Markdown (md) extension – is used for the readme because its simple and so that the directory is ready for github if desired.
  • Data Folder – This directory is used for storing raw data and scripts that are used to clean and prepare data for analysis.
  • analysis – This directory contains the scripts for producing statistics and visualizing data.
    • report – any publications or presentations that come of the project can be stored in the report folder.
      • is a two line script that will run and This allows you to reproduce the entirety of your work all at once and verify your results. </ul> What are your thoughts? How could this be improved?


Navigate to the directory where you would like to create the project template; open alfred and type

project [a name for your project]


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