December 18, 2012   

dataplink is a simple program for importing recoded data from [plink][1]. Dataplink imports genotypic data from .ped files and also imports variable names (snp names) from .map files.


ssc install dataplink


Data from plink must be exported using the following commands:

  • –recode OR –recode12
  • –tab


dataplink using "/path/to/file/without/extension"


When you specify the _filename_ do not use extensions (i.e. do not add __.ped__ or __.map__). Dataplink looks for a .map and .ped file of the same name. </div> #### Limits STATA SE and MP flavors support a maximum of 32,767 variables while IC supports 2,047. This means you can only import ~32,000 SNPs with SE/MP or ~2,000 with IC. [1]:

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