A big list of favorites

November 29, 2016   

Here it is! My favorite things in life across all domains. This is a work in progress, but hopefully you’ll find one (or a few) things you like and add it to your life. It’s a bit sparse currently, but it will fill in over time.

Note: There are no referral links here and I am not being paid to advertise anything here. Any companies/products listed have earned it.



  • Homebrew - A phenomenal package manage. Use with homebrew/science!
  • Autojump - Jump among directories by typing their j and their name. Even works if you type it incorrectly! Install with brew install autojump.
  • pyenv - An easy way to manage multiple installations of python, and set which versions to open globally, locally, or by directory. Install with brew install pyenv.

Software (OSX)

  • Dropbox - The best backup/syncing solution. I pay for a subscription. I’ve used Box and Google Drive as well. Both are inferior.
  • Transmit - FTP Client.
  • Sublime Text - The best text editor. Extend its functionality with package control.
  • Alfred - Like spotlight but with a lot more functionality. Workflows extend its functionality considerably. See the ones I’ve written!
  • Sequal Pro - A MYSQL GUI. The best GUI for a database I’ve seen.


  • Github - A great place to work on projects using git.
  • Python - My favorite all-purpose programming language.


Below I list some of my favorite R packages.


  • Jekyll - Static sites
  • Flask - Python framework
  • peewee - A very easy to use ORM for simple projects.



iOS Apps

  • Reeder - A great RSS reader.
  • Strava - Fitness tracker. I’ve used Runkeeper in the past. It’s worth switching. If you want to switch fitness apps and not lose everything, check out tapiriik.



Tech News


  • Vanguard - Retirement accounts and investing.



  • Pinboard - Simple bookmarks.
  • tapiriik - Sync fitness data across fitness tracking services.




Wikipedia Pages

These are mostly a roundup of interesting ideas/facts/concepts I have come acorss.