An R Function for Opening a dataframe in Excel (Mac Only)

February 18, 2014   

Coming from Stata, I have found the dataframe viewer to be inadequate in RStudio. I am just looking for simple sorting, rearranging, and filtering. That is why I wrote this simple function for opening a dataframe in Excel. The file is saved to a temporary data folder with a random set of letters (to avoid annoying dialogues in excel warning you about opening a file again).

This may be worth sticking in your .RProfile so it is always available.

It would be great to see a cross-platform solution, possibly browser based that allows simple rearranging, sorting, and filtering of columns on the fly. If anyone is interested in collaborating on such a solution or knows of one please let me know.

excel <- function(df) {
  f <- paste0(tempdir(),'/', make.names(deparse(substitute(df))),'.',paste0(sample(letters)[1:5],collapse=""), '.csv')
  system(sprintf("open -a 'Microsoft Excel' %s",f))

To use, just type:


…and Microsoft Excel will open with the dataframe (or filtered dataframe).

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