A Short tour around Lake Michigan

July 12, 2014   

I’ve given bicycle touring a try. Originally I wanted to bike around Lake Michigan, but it turns out to be over 1,400 miles. So I compromised on a three day trip around a good chunk and making use of the ferry from Muskeegon, MI to Milwaukee, WI. This was my first time – so I also decided to stay in hotels. Next time I intend to camp. I learned a few valuable lessons along the way!

  • Pack less stuff! – I had way too much. In fact, I wound up breaking two spokes on the second day.
  • Shorten the days – Having never gone more than 40 miles in a single day, I decided to go 108 on the first day. Yeah. I probably should have gone more like 60-70 each day. By the time I got to my destination each day I was too tired to do anything. Part of the experience is seeing new places.
  • Get a proper touring bike – I didn’t use a touring bike because I don’t have one (yet). I used a Trek 7.2. My wrists hurt a lot for parts of the trip. Next time I’ll get a proper touring bike with the appropriate handle bars.
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Outside Muskeegan

After biking 8 hours - I found I could eat whatever I wanted.

Boardwalk in Muskeegan, MI

Middle of Lake Michigan - into the fog

Lakefront trail in Milwaukee

The trail outside Racine, WI

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